Sports Betting: There’s an app for that!

If you know me personally, then you know that Las Vegas is my favorite vacation spot! During my last trip to Vegas this past December I became aware of a new mobile app that makes sports betting even more accessible to Nevada residents. Gone are the days when sports fans had to leave their homes to place their bets in person at a sportsbook…now, there is an app for that! Sports Connection Mobile is a groundbreaking new app that allows those in the Las Vegas area a convenient and secure way of wagering on sports from the comfort of their own home…or hotel room for those who can’t seem to make it out of bed after last nights shenanigans!

According to the American Gaming Association, $3.45 billion was legally wagered in Nevada’s sports books in 2012. Betting on sports has become a huge moneymaker for Nevada and sports fans are now spending more than ever.  Stations Casinos Inc., a Las Vegas gaming company that operates several casinos in the area is now capitalizing on this trend, providing customers an easier way to place bets through their new app. Setting up an account with Stations Casinos Sports Connection does require certain measures such as applying in person, but once an account is set up GPS is used to track users and make sure they are in the area as Nevada still remains the only state where wagering on sports is legal, regulated, and taxed.

[Side note: Why is it that other states aren’t legalizing sports wagering and capitalizing on this huge moneymaker? Maybe our economy would be in a better place if we took advantage of this opportunity instead of turning our backs on the billions of dollars that are illegally wagered each year. Thoughts?]

When chatting with a Las Vegas resident who now uses the app to place his NFL bets every Sunday, he mentioned how his number of bets has increased since the app came out. He tells me that the convenience of betting from home which allows him to watch the game from his own couch is what draws him to the app. I assumed that people who place bets enjoy being in the exciting atmosphere of the sportsbook, but he explained to me that watching from home gives him the best view of the plays and allows him to get a true feel of the game through the commentary. This perspective on the situation made me realize just how serious and competitive betting on sports is. I always knew betting was popular but after talking with the app user and then later researching the statistics I must say I am pretty amazed! The popularity and spending does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon so I must give props to Stations Casinos for keeping up with advances in new media and providing users with an app to give them what they want with the click of a button!



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